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Internet Explorer error validating file type, when uploading images using paperclip ( IE7, IE6 mine-type )

12 March, 2009

I assume that everybody already knows about “Paperclip” and also the “validates_attachment_content_type” method to validate the file type against the mine-type sent by the browser.

The problem starts when your customer calls you saying that he/she is not able to upload his images, and an error “Image is not one of the allowed file types” pops every time he/she tries.

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Problem sending emails with the latest Rails at SliceHost and DreamHost

2 March, 2009

After upgrading my base application to Rails 2.2.2 I have notice 2 little things blocking me from sending emails while in production environment.

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Paperclip on Mac OSX Leopard development environment fails silently when processing images

5 February, 2009

I had a very intriguing error using Paperclip on my development environment.

In my case I had, Mac OSX Leopard, Passenger and ImageMagick installed using MacPorts.

Every time I asked ImageMagick to crop my images on my model, Paperclip would only save the original version of the image and fail to save the cropped copy.

The intriguing part was that examining the logs, nothing related to the error could be found.

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String manipulation with Ruby on Rails

15 January, 2009

I made a little list of the methods that I use the most, to serve as a quick guide to string manipulation for RoR.

I hope it can help you too…

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