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Get ImageMagick with PNG and JPG delegates installed on mac OSX Leopard without using MacPorts

21 March, 2009

I assume everybody knows how to install ImageMagick usin MacPorts.

MacPorts is a fantastic tool to easily install software in your mac, but sometimes the project you are working on requires the latest feature only available on the latest version of your software or library.

Most of the times MacPorts will have it, but… you better know how to build your software from source just in case.

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Brazilian Portuguese imput with Mac OSX keyboard layout

7 March, 2009

This past week, I got a Brazilian customer and consequently I had to write the text in Brazilian Portuguese.

Because characters as “~” and “รง” between others are impossible to achieve by usual means, I made a little list of useful combination keys, to make it a little easier next time I need it.

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Paperclip on Mac OSX Leopard development environment fails silently when processing images

5 February, 2009

I had a very intriguing error using Paperclip on my development environment.

In my case I had, Mac OSX Leopard, Passenger and ImageMagick installed using MacPorts.

Every time I asked ImageMagick to crop my images on my model, Paperclip would only save the original version of the image and fail to save the cropped copy.

The intriguing part was that examining the logs, nothing related to the error could be found.

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